Carpet Cleaning Tips For Long Lasting Carpet

A stylish, high-quality carpet will add a great amount of value to your home interior: your home décor will be more beautiful and elegant, and it will keep your floors warm and insulated. However, maintaining carpets can be a tricky part – they can be delicate, easily damaged, hard to keep clean and stain free and full of dirt, various pests and allergens. There are numerous ways to properly maintain your carpets and make them last for a long, long time. A proper cleaning will not only save your money, but health as well – especially if you have pets and kids in your house.

Here are three easy ways to maintain your carpet without spending too much money. These three tips will improve the hygiene of your home, make your carpet fresh-looking and spare you from wasting money on purchasing a brand new carpet!

Vacuum the Carpets on a Weekly Basis (minimum)

Vacuuming once per week is quite enough if you have a relatively light home traffic and no kids and pets. Also, some carpets will be more exposed to traffic than the others, so you may want to focus on them first and vacuum them three to four times a week. Vacuuming should free the carpet of all debris, smaller particles and most of the dirt and dust. Investing in a high-quality vacuum cleaner is always recommended – you’ll extend the lifetime of your carpet and it’ll pay off in the long run! Make sure that the bag is always empty – a dirty bag or filter will reduce the efficiency and vacuum’s suction power.

Learn how to Remove Carpet Stains Like a Pro

There are two main rules when it comes to spills. The first is: clean it up as soon as possible. The faster you act – the better. The second rule applies to stain removal method. Don’t rub the stain – blot it. Rubbing will not only increase the size of the stain, but it will also damage the carpet fibers. Pour some cleaning solution on the stain, and apply gentle pressure with a paper towel or a clean cloth and work from the outside inward. This will soak up the stain, but remember to avoid using too much water and cleaning solution. You can make your own cleaning product: just mix some laundry detergent and lukewarm water.

Getting rid of the “tenants” who Live in your Carpets

This is something most people are not aware of, but all sorts of things are lurking in your carpets: dust mites, carpet beetles, fleas, ticks, bacteria, fungi and viruses. You can get rid of them by vacuuming and beating – this will physically remove a fair number of them, and that’s why a frequent vacuuming is recommended. However, washing the carpets once per year and steam cleaning will kill almost all of them – high temperature, water and chemicals are the best combination in a fight against these pests. It’s best to hire a certified carpet cleaning service that owns the appropriate equipment for dealing with filthy carpets and pests lurking in them.