Can You Use Dianabol After Anavar or Stack?

Are you trying to decide between Anavar and Dianabol? Or are you trying to choose between Oxandrolone Anavar and Dianabol steroids? How about stacking them together? We will know all about these in this article.

Every experienced anabolic steroid user knows about plenty of traditional or designer steroids in the black market. All of them don’t give you equal benefits, while some are more harmful than the other. Before you buy an anabolic-androgenic steroid know how it will affect you, irrespective of being brand conscious. Know about all the side effects and how you can curb them down. Read about Anavar and Dianabol and then know that there are some synergistic effects of the two.

Can You Use Dianabol After Anavar or Stack?

Difference between Anavar and Dianabol

Both Anavar and Dianabol are anabolic androgenic steroids, but they have different molecular compositions. This can change their effect, intricacy, dosage requirement and outcomes. Both of these are known to promote anabolic or tissue-building as their main mechanism is to increase protein synthesis. Anavar is known to increase our weight after someone has dealt with chronic sickness or is recovering from surgery or trauma.

How does Anavar and Dianabol work?

The main mechanism of Oxandrolone Anavar is interacting with particular androgen receptor cells. Its activity is half-life and measured in 2 phases – 1st phase lasts for one hour after taking it, while the 2nd phase lasts about 9 hours. So, in an overall it would take up 10 hours to effect. Dianabol give similar benefits like Anavar, but it has shorter life. For example, it would last you for about 3-4 hours. This is also why people take up larger doses of Dianabol.


There is lot of potential that would work out with these steroids, and the main ones are listed below:

  • They increase tissue-building called anabolism. This is done by stimulating protein synthesis.
  • It increases testosterone level. Testosterone is the male sex hormone that develops secondary sex male characteristics, like height, hair growth in face and body, lean muscle mass, libido, and more.
  • The steroids can also destruct cells and tissues in our body.

It is important to note that both Anavar and Dianabol yield similar benefits but they are very different from each other. You need to know more about them before you use.

Should you take Anavar after Dianabol?

People do take Anavar after Dianabol, but with breaks of about 1 month after the first cycle, so that they don’t harm their liver. The concept of having Dianabol after Anavar is to first bulk up and then cut down.

There are some synergistic effects of stacking Anavar and Dianabol, and bodybuilders often stack these together for cutting and bulking cycles. These depend on personal preferences, even when the goal is more of less similar. Both Dianabol and Anavar are combined for improving muscle growth, capacity, strength and endurance. There are more drugs that can be stacked while combing Anavar and Dianabol. However, these are usually added to reduce side effects.