Best Gadgets To Gift This Diwali To Your College Going Kid!

If you are wondering which gift your college going kid will love this Diwali from you, here is a list which will help you in deciding the same:

 A Brand New Smartphone

If your child owns a smartphone which is older than a year, there are high chances that you hear everyday him/her complaining about the same. There are new mobiles being launched in the market like almost every week with advanced features. This Diwali, you can gift a smartphone which is packed with the latest features. There are numerous options for you to choose from. There are selfie phones if he/she is a selfie fanatic. Then there are amazing rear camera phones too to take photography experience to another level. There are ones with 4G connectivity options and 3GB RAM for a seamless multi-tasking experience. Take your pick and buy one online using Amazon Promotional Codes present on which will fetch you amazing discounts to lower your bill.

Best Gadgets To Gift This Diwali To Your College Going Kid!


People are taking full advantage of this tech savvy era to simplify their lives and make their everyday routines comfortable. They are using a host of gadgets to do so. Smartphones are called smart for a reason as they help do the same. Your child get entertainment by listening to music, watching movies, playing games, checking out different apps, shopping via mobile and so on. All these activities can consume a major portion of the phone’s battery life. You surely don’t want the only means keeping you and your children connected to die a slow battery death. Powerbank will act as a saviour in such a situation. With its help, you can bid goodbye to low battery days of mobile.

Best Gadgets To Gift This Diwali To Your College Going Kid!

Fitness Band

There are so many aspects of college life which can take a toll on the health of your children. Ignoring health means increased levels of stress and increased appointments to hospitals. In such a scenario, the best gift you can present them is not saffola, but a fitness band. There are an array of fitness bands available today. Basically, with the help of a fitness band, you can keep a tab on your fitness goals, study your progress level and even improve your sleeping pattern. They are expensive but by making use of paytm cashback offers present o, you can get them at incredibly low prices. Decide your requirements first and then purchase one as per your style and needs. Don’t let this tumultuous world create a havoc for them.

Best Gadgets To Gift This Diwali To Your College Going Kid!

Kindle Voyage

Carrying books everywhere can be a cumbersome task for your children which is why they will love Kindle Voyage! They can browse through the latest books here, get books on rent, interact with fellow readers, follow others with similar tastes, get recommendations on which book to start, give ratings, share feedback and do so much more. It’s the best you can gift to your child to take off some burden from his/her shoulders as well as increase his/her reading power.

Best Gadgets To Gift This Diwali To Your College Going Kid!

External Hard Drive

Power point slides, presentations, notes, previous year examination papers, projects and pictures all need to be kept in a secure place. External hard drive is the one stop solution for it. One can easily back up all files safely here even if the computer gets infected and causes damage to their files.

Best Gadgets To Gift This Diwali To Your College Going Kid!

Go for lightweight ones that have a good storage capacity i.e. larger than you than you will require. You can search for a lot of options online on net itself without having to go through different shops.

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