Bellewoods EC Construction In Singapore

Qingjian Realty (Woodlands) Pte Ltd is a big player in the real estate market, and they have earned their way to the top by working hard and making some world class designs and implementing them with even better techniques and methodologies. Their designs have already earned the company worldwide acclaim and now they are continuing the good work in the form of Bellewoods EC Construction in Singapore. The company, based in Singapore, has already made big name projects such as the Olympic Sailing Centre used in the 2008 Olympics in China, a project which was a marvelous piece of architecture and design. Another feather in the cap of Qingjian Realty is the Liuting International Airport in China, which is now the 17th busiest Airport in China and the design and building of the project was very swift and without abruption. Bellewoods EC Construction in Singapore is not the first time the company has undertaken a housing project so ambitious and so modern, with all the luxuries of life. Qingjian has already made some beautiful living places for people in many regions. Some of the notable projects include the RiverSound Residence, also in Singapore, which is a blend of modernity and nature, Nutura Loft in Bishan, Nin Residence in Potong Pasir area and the River Isles Punggol which were condominiums of the highest quality.

With Bellewoods EC Construction in Singapore, a new era has started for the company. The condominiums have been designed using the CoSpace technology which makes use of all the space available in a single house and puts it to use by cutting the amount of walls and unnecessary corners, the technology is a classy one and it should not be taken easy. The whole project is slated for completion in late 2017, and it will make Woodlands a hub of financial and leisure activities.  The total number of unites are 561 of which 36 are 2-bedroom units, 291 are 3-bedroom units, 200 are 4-Bedroom units and 34 are 5-bedroom units. Also available is ample parking space for all the residents, obviously underground, and fool proof 24-hour security will be on hand to deal with any undesired situations.

As for the facilities inside Bellewoods EC, there are tons of different kinds of services on hold for everyone, of every age, and for people of different choices. There is a living lounge where people can just meet up and socialize with each other and talk about the day’s matters to get their moods lightened. Places such as the aquatic pool which features a gigantic swimming pool, and has a beautiful lobby, kid’s pool for the children to play together and make new friends every day, aquatic playground for the sporty people who also want to relax. A gorgeous 50m infinity pool is also present in Bellewoods EC and will provide the perfect opportunity to loosen up the muscles and burn some body fat by exercising while in the pool. Also present is an entertainment pavilion which is for the families to come with their children and see them smile whilst watching some cartoons, movies, or playing games etc. for the fitness frenzy people who want to go to the gym regularly, there will be Fitness Center which, needless to say, will have all the world class facilities on offer for the residents.

The food eater will have a lot of fun filled days and nights at the BBQ Terrace, Clubhouse, the Gourmet Pavilion and the other eating places within Bellewoods. And afterwards one can jog or walk on the jogging trail, and can talk to their families all the while staying healthy and peaceful in a fun filled environment.