Artificial Lawns: Aesthetic But Not Toilsome

Nothing brings out the beauty of a household like a well-maintained green lawn that is freshly mown and watered. However, as any home owner would tell you, maintaining a lawn to meet such standards is a tremendous amount of work. Either you have to spend six hours a week working at it and keeping it up to the mark, or you would have to hire a professional to work for you, which would cost you a hefty amount of money every month. But what if someone told you that you can get all the beauty of living in a house with a pretty lawn with no work? Thanks to science, artificial lawns are getting you exactly that!

Artificial Lawns: Aesthetic But Not Toilsome

Artificial lawns are fake lawns that are built to mimic the texture and feel of real grass. They are made out of specific polymeric materials and are designed in a way that their texture, strength, feel, and temperature all match that of real grass. They feel moist to the touch, have the capacity of trapping a reasonable amount of moisture just like normal grass, have the authentic feel of fresh grass and are virtually indistinguishable from real grass until you try to pluck them. Hence, having them in your house is quite similar to having real grass.

The benefits of such a lawn, on the other hand, are amazing. To begin with, the grass doesn’t grow so there is no question of you having to mow the lawn regularly on your weekends to keep it from looking neglected. You also do not need to de-wee it frequently because the material that the fake lawns are made out of does not allow plants to grow. Finally, and most importantly, there will be no problem of there being insects living in your lawn, such as spiders or ants or mosquitoes, and this would greatly improve your living conditions and minimise the risk of your house being infested by pests.

Depending on how much you spend and how well your lawn is installed, it may last up to several years, meaning that it is a one-time investment and you do not need to keep hiring gardeners to look after the well-being of your lawn. Also, unlike real lawns, fake lawns don’t shed and regrow every year, meaning that your lawn will be green all through the year even in autumn and will come back in all its greenery the moment the snow melts during winter. Oh, and by the way, these lawns are made out of water resistant materials, meaning that they will not decay under snow cover. Does that mean that water will collect in it during rain and snow and make it difficult for you to walk on? Not at all! There are microscopic pores in the base of the material that makes up the lawn meaning that any collecting water will easily be transferred to the bottom of the lawn, which is usually a layer of clean earth.

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