Aesthetic Gynaecology – How It Can Help You Get Back In Shape Post Pregnancy

Aesthetic gynaecology is a sub-category of Gynaecology which is aimed at enhancing the quality of the intimate relationships of the patients and the aesthetics of the private body parts. As gynaecological specialists, they take a step further to meet the current demands of their patients, which is not only related to gynaecological health but also to their sexual satisfaction and regaining their beauty post delivery. The introduction of laser in the broad aspect of vaginal surgery has opened up a brand new field of treatment of the external regions of the genitalia. Through the latest advancements in medical technology, professionals and experts can deal with vaginal hypermobility, vaginal atrophy, and urinary incontinence with the usage of lasers. Read on to know the different physical changes that can be rectified through laser therapy.

Aesthetic Gynaecology – How It Can Help You Get Back In Shape Post Pregnancy

Deterioration of the Vulvovaginal Region

There are some natural physical changes which occur in the genitalia of women since the age of 30 years and such problems occur early during and after the time of vaginal delivery. Female genitalia go through certain modifications due to time and deliveries through instruments, multiple births, dystocia or large babies. There are some functional, structural and aesthetic changes which take place and which can be cured through laser technology with local anaesthetic.

What kind of Physical Alterations Take Place in Vulva and Vagina?

The physical changes modified in the vulva and vagina is:

  • Pigmentation disorders
  • Lack of tone
  • No lubrication
  • Reduced sensitivity
  • Unsatisfactory sexual relation

All such problems can be cured through anaesthetic gynaecology and the use of laser technology.

Age and Situation Among Young Women – How does Childbirth Affect Women?

Due to the entire process of human reproduction, childbirth can often lead to pelvic changes that might have an impact on the quality of life that you lead. Pregnancy affects various elements of the genital anatomy:

  • Uterine cervix ligaments
  • Vaginal muscles
  • Uterine cavity
  • Vaginal cavity
  • Skin

The extent to which it affects the structure of the anatomy of women depends on the size of the baby but it also depends on the anatomical features and the kind of delivery. The vaginal walls in young women may lose tightness and its ability to compress due to heavy pain during childbirth. The vagina usually remains dilated post delivery and the ability to enjoy sexual intercourse both for you and your partner reduces. This is why many women try to use such therapies in order to recover their sex like after childbirth.

The medical institutions where laser therapies have been commonly used offer different treatments in the field of private part surgery. Gynaecologists use state-of-the-art laser technology which requires local anaesthetic without the requirement of hospitalization and with minimum postoperative recovery. All such kinds of treatments are a response to the ever-growing demand of the female patients who are aged between 30 and 60 years. This treatment has indeed become successful among women. You may even check out Invimed for more information on this topic.

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