Achieve A Traditional Look With Timber Windows And Doors

Traditional properties have grown in popularity with many buyers. They offer traditional features and, while modern houses are considered to be too uniform and too small for a lot of buyers, older houses can have unique layouts and floor designs, they can have quirks that aren’t found in the more utilitarian modern designs, and they can also have multiple period features that add to the charm and the character of the property itself.

Windows and doors are among some of the features of a property that can be considered too modern, thanks to the rash of replacement plastic or PVC windows that were installed during the last century and into the turn of this century. No matter how well you restore a property back to its original features, if you ignore the windows and doors and leave modern looking PVC frames in place, then you are unlikely to achieve the kind of look that you desire. What we now consider to be period properties would have been erected long before PVC was introduced, and this means that if you want authentic features, then PVC frames should not be considered.

Timber windows and doors do look traditional and they can help achieve the period look that you want. However, while the choice of material is important, it is really only one of a number of choices that you will have to make when it does come time to choose the features for your period property.

Sliding sash windows are among some of the most popular of all period property features. Rather than top or bottom opening hinged windows, sash windows slide vertically and once opened they offer a large opening. They are considered luxurious because of the way that they look, but also because they are usually associated with larger, old properties. Sash windows have been used for hundreds of years and, in some cases, it is still possible to see sliding sash windows that have been in place for a hundred years or more, showing the true quality and value that they have to offer.

Don’t overlook the door and door frame when you are installing period elements to your property. Leaving a PVC door but replacing the window frames not only means that you won’t benefit from a timber door and door frame, but it also means that your door will look out of place, and you won’t enjoy the same benefits from your windows and how great they look as you would have if you had replaced everything with timber options.

Sliding sash windows come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and layouts. The smaller panes that make up a large sash window pane are referred to as lights. Depending on the period in history that a window is from, it is likely to have had a different pane layout, and choosing the right layout for your windows means that you can attempt to achieve the same kind of look as the period of property that you are hoping to emulate.

If you want to create a traditional looking exterior for your property, then The Original Box Sash Windows Company can help determine the most appropriate style and design of sash windows, and offer a professional installation service to ensure that they are fitted properly.