7 Ideas For Small Spaces

Add Furniture to the Ceiling and Takes Every Hole

If you have limited space, use furniture that reach the ceiling. You always have things to store and do not use often, and those holes can come great. You can also create you drawers in the stairwell, hide a sliding bed on a raised floor, creating drawers under the sofa or take advantage of the walls to place shelves.

White Paint 

You will not get more space to paint this color, but at least everything look bigger. White reflects light like no other, and as a bright environment is perceived as more spacious, white and bottle it. However, if an all white environment you find it too cold, light wood placed on the floor and in a couple of decorative accessories and will suffice.

Use Dividers or Partitions at Half Height to Divide Areas

To unify areas in the same space but also have the feeling that they are different rooms, nothing beats separators spaces: whether walls without doors, partitions that do not reach the ceiling, blinds, or curtains, the truth is that all these systems provide privacy and generate the feeling of having several separate areas in the same area.

Create a Single Open Multifunctional Space

It’s not ideal to have the bed beside the couch or kitchen beside the desk, but if no choice because you have a tiny cottage, it’s better to create you use partitions or room dividers. If your space allows, you can always try to hide the bed in the TV cabinet or on a shelf.

In long, Narrow Spaces, Use Movable Partitions

When floors are very elongated and there is only one window at each end, we need the light to enter all the space from side to side. For this it is best to use movable partitions or sliding doors that allow open or close spaces depending on use is being provided.

Use the Roof to Hang more than One Lamp

That bike do not know where to put it, a reading area that rises and falls, a lamp hidden recesses for storage or release a hanging bed space at the bottom for other uses …


In small apartments is essential to have everything tidy but like many things to keep in very little space, yet orderly usually create a visual chaos. Therefore, the ideal is to use furniture that hide the content to create feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness: shelves with doors, closed cabinet or more dressers are crucial in this type of story.