7 Best Home Decor Apps You Must Know

There is nothing as pleasing as a beautiful home that its decoration has been done with the greatest passion for a great physical appearance. Before technology became popular, the home-owners fully kept their faith in the talented artists and painters to make their homes the way they wanted. With the current state of technology, everything has been made easier. There are machines,well-trained architects, and apps that have turned decoration into a simple DIY thing. With the apps anybody can design their own homes and have a glance at the expected appearance of the home after the decor. You don’t want to miss these home decorating ideas with these amazing apps.

  1. Visualization app

This is famously known as the snap shop app. If you ever want to know how you house will look like after applying the decor, then this what you definitely need. It could be new furniture, mat or even a painting but it is more common with furniture. It contains a collection of a wide variety of furniture required in a room. All you need to do is to take a picture of your room and drag furniture of your choice into the app and arrange it the way you wanted. By looking at the appearance, it helps you know whether it fits what you wanted or not.

  1. DIY project guide

This is an app that contains the DIY projects that deal with design and decorations. Snapguide is the popular name. Its projects range from creating a dip painted chairs to putting windows on your house. This application was made by a collaboration between former Google and yahoo staff. It contains articles accompanied by photos to illustrate the steps in a simple and elaborate way. Snapguide not only contains house decor DIY project but also things concerning food, technology and beauty.

  1. iHandy app

Did you know that you can hang photos on the wall virtually using your smartphone? iHandy app makes it possible with additional capability of measuring verticality and angles of the walls. In fact, there are wearable technologies that can handle this app. You just need to press the calibrate button with your device on a flat surface. Additionally, inclination of a roof, or a car can be measured using this app.

  1. Painting app

It is sometimes very difficult to visualize how a certain color of paint will look like on your walls. To save yourself the struggle with undoing your paint, consider the Painting Walls app to experiment with paint colors. Take a photo of the wall to be painted and paint them virtually using a variety of paints before the actual painting. This can also be applicable to fences and furniture. It is a perfect way for you to choose the suitable paint color for your surfaces.

  1. Dream apps

Most people have vivid pictures of how beautiful their home should look like. However, during the actual implementation it becomes hard for them to put together what they had in mind. With the dream home app you can set up a full home virtually and when it comes to the actual thing, it will be a matter of copy pasting what you already have in place. It contains over 300 items that can be placed in a home that can help you design your kitchen, bedroom, living room, and any other room that you may need. Never strain thinking about what you are supposed to put on your house, go digital! This will ensure you stay in the right for glozine lifestyle fitness.

  1. Measure lite

Some people have a basic idea of the measurement that are required for their rooms. It is sad that most of them trust their minds to save the values. Some work well for them while others just fail in their faces. Photo measure lite helps you to store measurements on the photos. Just take a photo of your room and write the measurements. You will be having them at your disposal when buying something that requires the measurements.

  1. Color schemer

You may want to frame your photos that you took but do you really like the colors on the background? Color schemers assist you to create the palettes that enable you know the color harmonies using your photo library. You can also choose from a wide variety of palettes shared every day.


Life without beauty isn’t interesting. This shows how strong the physical relationship between beauty and life is. It all starts from how you furnish your home to how you arrange your furniture. Beauty is what defines the comfort of a person in a certain place. With the above apps, every aspect of house’s appearance can be achieved easily.