6 Interesting Facts About Smart Homes You Must Know!

The concept of a house, in the beginning, was just that of a shelter, used to keep off the rain and keep out dangerous animals. Today, we are aiming to make our homes ‘smart’, as in fitted with technological devices designed to do our tasks and chores for us. How will these affect our lives? Read on below to find out!

6 Interesting Facts About Smart Homes You Must Know!

  1. It Saves Time And Energy

Similar to appliances like the blender, toaster, and microwave, smart devices would be able to turn off our lights for us, automatically manage the thermostat, maybe even dry our clothes and tell us if we need to stock up on eggs or bread while we’re at the grocery store. Not only will this save us the time we would normally spend in rushing to and fro, but also save on energy by not letting our residences get overheated, and not leaving any unnecessary lights on.

  1. It Lessens The Cost Of Safety

Security systems are becoming more of a necessity than ever, but they didn’t usually come cheap. Smart home would mean that your house is connected to your phone and other smart devices. Today, there are easy security setups that the owner could install themselves, and watch over their house from wherever they are on the smartphone. The quality of the video is also exceptional as compared to conventional security cameras.

Additionally, getting smart lighting installed means that you can control lighting remotely, turning it on and off in order to discourage any potential burglar.

  1. It Revolutionizes Entertainment

Previously, we have used VCRs, DVRs, cable boxes, and sundry other devices to watch our programs in our own time. Needless to say, this can be frustrating at times. With smart TVs, we can now directly download our shows in high-definition quality without much hassle. This saves both time and space.

  1. It Ensures Your Safety

With smart homes, there’s no need for separate fire and smoke alarm systems. Just the one system of your house would tell you of a flooding or fire problem, perhaps even before it starts so that you could prevent it. If not prevention, then the system can certainly alert the relevant services (such as firemen), or deal with the problem itself, like turning off the gas in case of a leak.

  1. It Helps You Avoid Inconvenience

Everyone’s time is precious. If you learn that your water pipes have burst but you’re away on vacation, you can call a plumber and monitor them on your smartphone, which would be connected to your smart home. You can also use the smart system to lock and unlock the door in case of a delivery that you can’t wait at home for. You can also turn on the heating or get a pot of tea or coffee started so you can arrive at a warm, toasty home at the end of the day.

  1. It Makes You Anti-Social

The TV show “Black Mirror” highlights the potential problems that could come when people come to rely too much on technology. It is no secret that the onset of smartphones has made us ignore even our loved ones and distract us from important jobs. Smart homes might take this apathy a step further, leaving us incapable of even basic chores just because we have a system to do it for us.

Wrapping Up…

No matter what era, inventions have gradually been shaped to provide comfort, ease, quick service, and so much more. One might even say that inventors are looking for ways to make people’s lives easier in ways we can’t even begin to think about. Here’s hoping that all this technology will enhance our lives!

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