6 Bathroom Renovation Designs Expected To Rule In 2015

If you have thought about renovating your bathroom and offering it a completely new look, there are various ways you can opt for. With every passing day, a new design is discovering, which can be used for this particular purpose. When you are renovating your bathroom, there is always a need for making a desirable choice for proper usage of your money. You can definitely opt for a DIY technique, but here are some of the basic ideas or designs that you can consider.

Following are some of the award winning designs not only in terms of their looks but also their features and finishes.

FEATURE FLOOR TILES: In the year 2014, statement floor tiles were much popular, even in this year this particular style does not seem to lose their position. This is the reason why interior designers are more into making use of these tiles. Even for the most challenging bathroom renovation work, these designs work perfectly. Both for a smaller and larger bathroom, these featured tiles add elegance.

NATURAL BEAUTY: How about opting for a natural way to add to its splendour? Now you can also choose a natural way to make it look incredible while infusing a calming vibe. From the many other designs discovered this year, this is one of the most used ones due to its beauty. Designers mainly recommend these particular designs by making usage of earthly materials like wood-look tiles and natural stone.

PLANT LIFE: This is something completely new for the bathroom and is undoubtedly an incredible way to add elegance. Previously these are normally used on building walls, but nowadays as it enhances the beauty to a definite level, interior decorator make use of plants for the bathroom renovation. If you need more designs and sophisticated looks, vertical gardens are also a feasible choice.

SMART WATER CONTROL:It is time to ditch the basin faucets and basic shower and time to welcome user-friendly fixtures like touch screen operated showers, thermostatic mixers and much more. These not only control the flow, temperature or mix but without any doubt add to its elegance. This is a brilliant way to renovate your bathroom.

CUSTOM VANITIES:According to some of the renowned interior designers, people nowadays are more in search for custom vanities. The huge space is used for floating vanity custom which is solely designed to suit the sleek or contemporary design, offer huge storage space and creates an illusion of spaciousness. For this particular idea, designers make usage of drawers and various other clever technologies.

GRAY TONES:For the purpose of bathroom renovation, the colour gray is one of the top priorities since 2014. Even this year, no other colours seem to surpass the popularity. If somehow you are reluctant to the gray palette as it might offer a lifeless look, interior designers make use of slicks of white to energize the design and offer a sophisticated look.

So these are some of the top designs that are perfect when you have chosen to remodel your bathroom. For a better resolution or getting a desirable result, hire builders in Melbourne as they have knowledge about the renovation. So make your choice and renovate your bathroom into a desirable one.

Author’s Bio: ABC is a renowned writer and has several write-ups regarding the latest bathroom remodelling designs. He suggests the readers to check the designs of bathroom renovations in Melbourne to acquire a desirable resolution.