5 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Buyers want only to have houses with proper designs. Obviously, updating fixtures and painting walls won’t cover bad designs, so we should try to add values to our house in a much deeper way. We could do the following things to create a house that people would enjoy to live in:

  1. Widen the roof overhangs and add propped shutters: These should be green ways to block solar penetration during summer and in warmer climates. Propped shutters and roof overhangs should evoke a sense of protection and shelter. We could also extend the roof to create breezeways or covered porches. Many buyers find rooms that are protected and open simultaneously very appealing. To create the feelings of character and strengths, we could add wood surfaces, rustic beams and exposed rafters on the ceiling.
  2. Review traffic flow and rearrange the interior: We should reconsider the traffic flow inside our home and this should be considered as an important design element. We could start by walking from the front door to various locations in the house. Think about areas where people frequently go, such as bathroom, living room, bedroom and kitchen. Some areas could be visited less frequently, such as attic and basement. Paths should lead us efficiently to our destinations. A maze-like floor plan could create a sense of confusion and wasted energy. Improper interior layout could actually give us the subtle sense of being trapped. By rearranging our interior, we could add more uses to the connecting spaces and hallways.
  3. Change the material: Materials are essential part of our interior design. In some designs, we could expose the structural materials, while proper flooring layouts could be used to unify and connect spaces. Materials that we use should bring cooler and warmer colors.
  4. Make the house more integrated with the surrounding: We should consider how the house should interact and integrate with the surrounding land. This is an often-ignore element of a house. These should be an interplay between the exterior and interior spaces. We should check views from each window and see whether we undesirable views from a few or even many of them. As an example, a nice view could be blocked by an object. Notice where privacy is needed, how drainage system works and whether noise buffering is adequate. A private garden could be used as a side area that’s accessible from the primary bedroom. We could also make the house interact more with the neighbourhood by adding a porch that overlooks the nearby street.
  5. Add some natural light: We can significantly transform a house by adding light sources and windows. The generous amount of natural lights inside a house can really uplift our emotion and attract people. Natural light should raise the beauty and the level of importance in rooms. Obviously, we need to balance the light and reduce glare. We could also use light tunnels, transoms, skylights, windows and glass doors. As we add shading and windows, we should make sure that it still blends well with the overall designs.

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