5 Typical Garden Mistakes To Steer Clear Off

Gardens are not only an alluring sight to behold, but also an equal delight to create. A beautiful garden can heighten the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space tenfold. Gardens are, undeniably, breathing exhibits of picturesque artistry. Creating an admirable garden is nothing less than creating an artistic masterpiece. Your garden is a living statement of your sense of style and aesthetic creativity. In light of the above, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that, planning and designing gardens is certainly a meticulous task.

It does not matter if you’re designing the garden yourself or taking the help of a professional; there are certain prerequisites that are way too common to be overlooked:

Need for Proximity to Water Source

We can all agree on one thing; water is a precious resource, especially when there is a garden involved! It is always good to consider the type of flora before deciding on the location of your water supply. For instance, plants that require more water should be planted closer to the water source than other plants that have comparatively lower water needs. Also, you could minimize the usage of public water supply by supplementing it with an efficient rainwater harvesting system. It is essential to research and consider the various alternatives for irrigation systems available in the market to avoid unwanted future improvement. There should always be a water tap at a ‘ready for use’ distance and condition.

The Worth of a Well-done Lighting

Gardens are a visual treat that should look as appealing in nighttime as it would during the day. It is easy to forget how exceptional lighting can transform a garden into an enchanted territory where elves and fairies would wish to dwell. It is good to select them according to your suitability and install the wires, way before laying out the plants.

Mismanagement of Available Space

One should make sure that their garden is designed for easy navigation. You alone would not be strolling in that space; you will need to move around lawnmowers, tools, wheelbarrows, etc. The paths and steps should be accommodating enough for convenient movement.

Making the Wrong Choice of Weed Mats and Garden Decor

Weed mats may across as useful, but can actually do more damage than good in the long run. These tend to make the soil devoid of essential organic particles and water. Similarly, bad choices in garden decor, like oversized rocks and figures, can hamper the health of the plants and the soil. Rocks, although a beautiful decor option, could heat up in summers and turn your soil and vegetation dry.

Underestimating the Worth of Mulch

Good mulch is imperative for the healthy development of soil and plants. There is a horde of varieties available in the market, but, it is not necessary for all of them to be suitable for your floral requirements. You should be cautious regarding its suitability not only in terms of price and visual appeal, but also its relevance to the plant’s growth. Living ground cover-ups are a relatively better alternative as they aid in the soil’s moisture retention and prevent erosion as well as weed growth. It is a good practice to replace regularly your old mulch with new ones.

Besides these conventional mistakes, there could also be much commonplace design and structure flaws, that should be addressed well in advance. The style, location, proportion, function and palette of your garden should be given their fair share of consideration too.

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