5 Sneaky Tricks Unprofessional Plumbers Do

Do you live in Clifton NJ? Then you must have seen these unprofessional plumbers with sneaky tricks across your yard looking for work. I have encountered them severally and that’s why I finally decided to keep a professional plumber Clifton in NJ in my list just in case my plumbing system needed a quick fix. Here are the sneaky tricks that unprofessional plumber use that I have learnt.

Working Without a License of Insurance

An expert plumber must be insured against any liability including damages of items on job and also against personal injuries. An unlicensed or uninsured plumber will charge less but is very huge risk, if you doubt me, wait until something goes wrong. Many states require homeowners to stick to licensed tradespeople especially for structural electrical or plumbing works. Ask for all these permits before hiring a plumber. Keep off any plumber who misses any.

Giving Quotes without Visiting the Site

How does anyone estimate the size of a job or plumbing damage that they haven’t even seen? Really! That’s a simple red flag for anyone who needs an expert plumber. Plumbing damages will vary and so are their extents. Any plumber who chooses to estimate can only quote their hourly rate and not the extent of the damage. The best plumbers are those who visit the site and talk on the ground. Avoid anyone who tells you pay before they visit the home.

Low-balling the Bid To Get the Job

I’m typically wary of any plumber who gives me a ridiculously cheap bid. Well I’m not saying expensive is the best, hell no! Pricey doesn’t always mean best. Going with a plumber whose charges reasonable, proportionate to the job, highly appropriate, and undoubtedly affordable is a cool option, especially if they give it with no ill intent. Listen to your guts and in case you are in doubt avoid the plumber. Collect several job bids and compare in order to find the best.

Padding or Inflating the Estimates

This is a very common practice for unprofessional plumbers. They are always looking to make a kill. When you get several competing bids and quotes you will easily spot any jacked up prices. Don’t act desperate. There are very many professional plumber that you can work with out there so let no one arm twist you to accept their prices when they only intend to exploit you.

Showing Up Without an Invitation

If a plumber shows up uninvited and tries to persuade you to hire them it should be a quick red flag. Even if they offer free checks you should be really careful. Many homes today are robbed in such ways. Call the police ASAP. If you want a trustworthy plumber look for online reviews from clients, ask loved ones for recommendations, look through a plumbing supplies store etc.

Using unprofessional plumbers could easily transform a small leak into a flooded home and I ain’t kidding. Therefore if you must look for a plumber, especially if you’re living in my town, seek an expert plumber Clifton in NJ and let them help to fix any plumbing repair that you might need.