5 Inspiring Quotes For All Real Estate Agents

Every real estate professional needs inspirational thoughts to overcome mental rut, improve performance and accomplish their goals and objectives. Reading and meditating on the unique thoughts of successful and outstanding people will help you to remain focused. Here is a short compilation of motivational quotes for real estate agents. Please note that due to the plagiarism filters currently being used by popular online services like Google, these quotes have been paraphrased without changing their original meaning.

1. Jay Baer Quote

“The more you get to know your customers, the greater the useful, relevant and persuasive information, you can provide for them.”

The value in this quote may seem obvious, but you need to bear in mind that your customers don’t exist merely because you want to gain a commission from selling houses. However, by taking time to learn more about their lifestyle, work, income, family and career needs, you will be in a better position to help them. They will in turn reward you with better patronage and referrals.

2. Anthony Hitt Quote

“To be a successful real estate professional, you should always put your client’s most important interest ahead of yours. Then your own needs will be met beyond your wildest imaginations.”

As a real estate agent, you must remember that you succeed by helping others to succeed with their real estate transactions. So you should focus more on meeting your client’s needs first. Always make sure your client is truly satisfied at the end of the deal. It is more important than gaining a quick financial reward.

3. Jonny Isakson Quote

“Real estate business was an excellent training ground to gain experience to move into public life. You learn to handle rejection, meet new people, work with people, and negotiate a common ground. That is how you sell houses and it is the way to win over your constituency.”

If you are struggling with certain aspects of your work as a real estate agent, please don’t get discouraged. There are so many parts of the business that will train you and prepare you for other aspects of life. Mr. Isakson was the president of a successful real estate company of approximately 22 years and he has also served in the U.S. Congress as a Senator.

4. Douglas Adams Quote

“To offer real service, you need to add something that cannot be measured or purchased with money – sincerity and integrity. “

It is vital to ensure that the aspects of your service that build trust and attract goodwill are top-notch. No matter what some people say about the relevance of real estate agents in today’s modernised, digitally enhanced property market, you should be able to distinguish yourself and offer service and expertise that will make you remain relevant and attract more business.

5. Michelle Moore Quote

“If you don’t follow up on your prospects, it is like filling your bathtub without plugging the drain first.”

Michelle Moore is simply emphasising a critical aspect of real estate business that some real estate agents tend to overlook. Following up your leads and prospects will increase the number of clients you have and the number of deals you will close. Unfortunately, many online real estate leads do not receive any follow-up at all.

We hope you have been inspired by these quotes and the comments provided, click here for more motivational quotes that will inspire you to improve your performance, and get more satisfying results in your real estate business.