5 Good Reasons Why We Need To Recycle

Recycling is an action and a concept that can go together or separate. If recycled content giving our action, a sense of commitment to the environment, recycling is an eco-friendly intentional gesture, which will add value.

Precisely why recycling is important to know the importance of action to contribute to the formation of more aware societies, power transformation to a greener world. Indeed, citizens do not recycle waste, but start the process by entering the garbage separately in the respective containers. Often this is recycled, but not so in all cases, and not always just reversing the economic benefit to society, as evidenced by numerous cases of corruption or the same rules governing the activities of entities involved in recycling.

5 Good Reasons Why We Need To Recycle

Still, there are many reasons why recycling is an important action. Then point out a dozen good reasons why, regardless of the circumstances, doing so is positive for individuals, for society and for the planet.

1. We contribute to a Better World. Recycling is a way to help save the planet. The attitude to recycle, reduce and reuse go together and are an example that makes us more responsible when it comes to acting and greener policies require our representatives to citizens.

2.A less polluted environment avoiding burning get a cleaner environment, better air and water for human, animal or to irrigate our fields consumption. It also means less environmental impact on emission of greenhouse gases.

3. Savings in production costs. Raw materials facilitates recycling, which saves time and money when it comes to manufacture many of the products we consume.

4 Jobs. The recycling industry has enormous potential. A recycling is increasing its range will also increase the direct and indirect jobs. Moreover, growth is related to a sustainable economy, which in turn drives other initiatives that are also sustainable.

5. Saving resources and energy. If we reuse through recycling are avoiding over exploitation of natural resources, so it is also undeniable energy savings. To get an idea, we put each bottle in the yellow container a sufficient amount of energy to maintain a 100-watt bulb for 4 hours, and a ton of recycled paper saves about 14 medium felling trees, save thus saving about 130,000 gallons of water and equivalent to 9,600 kW / h energy.

Although the streets are dotted with containers of all colors, waiting for our contributions to recycle waste separately, not always recycle everything.

There is still a lot to improve, not only in percentages but in attitude and waste collection by municipalities and recycling companies, whose profit desire is usually over an alleged environmental focus. 52 percent of the waste that is not recycled go to landfill and 9 percent are incinerated. That is, we continue to pollute more than necessary, remembering that often is cheaper to sell that garbage to recycle other countries.

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