4 Self-Defense Moves All College Freshman Should Know

Kids just out of high school arrive on college campus looking forward to the new experience and different, more adult atmosphere. However, crime statistics prove college campuses are more dangerous than you might first think. It is important for every college freshman to realize there are some ruthless criminals who target college freshmen particularly because they are new and naive. Consequently, it is important you take steps to become a harder target. Learning self-defense moves is a great place to start, and can help you out of a dangerous situation. Often, a self-defense move might provide the advantage required to totally avoid a dangerous situation or make a quick exit for help. Here are four to start with so you can be more independent and ready to face any challenge.

4 Self-Defense Moves All College Freshman Should Know

Watch Your Surroundings

It seems too many young people get distracted with whatever’s in front of them. They are listening to music, wrapped up in a cellphone conversation, texting friends, browsing the internet, or looking up directions. These distractions will quickly identify you as a soft target. All those electronic distractions make you vulnerable to robbery or worse. Decide to change now. Pay attention to your surroundings and the people around you. This is the top defense move for anyone. Make sure you can still hear your surroundings when your earphones are in, and watch where you walk and who’s around you as you go.

Carry Self Defense Weapons

It is important to make sure any weapon selected is legal in your area. Some of the most popular include pepper sprays and stun guns. However, it is important to get proper training on using the weapon effectively, or it could become a liability. Certainly, the best self-defense is to learn to use a weapon effectively and properly. If you can’t carry something like this, your best defense might be your ability to scream and draw attention to a dangerous situation.

Attack Vulnerable Spots

A creep has backed you into a dangerous situation. It’s time to get tough and attack their vulnerable spots. A quick jab with your fingers to the eyes will keep them immobilized for several seconds, giving you time to flee the situation. A quick elbow or punch to the throat will stop the attacker too. Another vulnerable spot is the groin. Get close and strike your attacker in the groin area with your knee.

First Strike Opportunity

If you feel a situation is going to escalate to physical violence, strike first. Don’t wait for the other person to make the first move. Hit their vulnerable spots and flee the situation. An attorney for assault says to make a big commotion and shout about how uncomfortable you are. If there are any witnesses, they’ll remember your discomfort more than who hit first. This will give you a decidedly big advantage while the other person recovers.

Stay aware of your surroundings, carry defense weapons, know vulnerable spots, and control the situation to stay safe. Your first year in college should be a positive experience and you can make sure it stays that way by staying aware of your environment.