3 ‘Unusual Occasions’ When You Might Need To Hire A Skip

Chances are you don’t ever give much thought to just how useful a skip can be. We all know skips are super handy when you’re doing a house clearance, having some building work done or tidying up a garden that’s been neglected for some time; but there are some ‘unusual occasions’ in which a skip can prove mighty useful.

Read on to find out more about these unusual occasions in this article, which is probably the web’s first life hack that involves skip hire. We promise at least one of these uses is a practical one that you might consider putting into action.

An Art Installation

Perhaps the master of unusual uses for skips has to be artist Oliver Bishop-Young who has used them in a number of his art installations. He’s used them to make a swimming pool at the V&A Museum, A Table Tennis table at the Urban Physic Garden and as an ‘Uplifting’ piece of street art in Portugal by attaching balloons to the skip.

We’re not sure where Oliver Bishop-Young got his fascination with skips from but his works of art certainly fit our unusual occasions when you might want to hire a skip.


Anyone with a family will know that a huge amount of extra rubbish can be generated over the Christmas period. In most cases there’s far more waste than can fit into your household wheelie bin and recycling boxes; and just what do you do with the Christmas tree after it has dumped all it’s needles all over your carpet? The answer, as you might have guessed, is to hire a skip.

Redmond from Red’s Skip Hire, a Basildon based skip hire firm, told us ‘We send skips to groups of neighbours who have clubbed together to hire a skip to get rid of their Christmas waste. The cost when split between them isn’t that great and, so they tell us, it is well worth it when compared to having to take all the excess to the council tip themselves’

Wedding Limousine

When we said ‘unusual occasions’ when you might need to hire a skip, we really meant it. We’re guessing that a skip is not the dream wedding car of every bride to be, but in this case reported on the BBC website, that’s just what she got.

When Nick Kearns, a skip hire business owner, married his bride Noreen Quinn, he converted a skip by fitting it with a Perspex roof, carpets, seats (and seatbelts to make it road legal) to transport his bride to the registry office.

Perhaps surprisingly, Noreen thought it was great and can be seen smiling in the wedding photographs, though in photo’s we found elsewhere on the web, her father doesn’t look too impressed!

As always, thanks for reading and If you know of some other unusual uses of skips that you’d like to share with us, why not leave them as a comment here on the blog.