10 Things To Look Out For When Building Your Kitchen

Renovating the kitchen is no small project, and with a million things that could go wrong, one needs to spend some time planning what will go where and how. Failing to do that might  lead to a less than perfect outcome. Here are some important things to bear in mind when preparing a new kitchen.

  1. Don’t obstruct the kitchen triangle – There is a golden rule with kitchen design, and that is to make sure the three most important items are free of obstacles. These are the fridge, the stove, and the sink. Ideally they should form a triangular shape, but failing that, there should be no obstructions if one wanted to move from one to the other.
  1. Don’t waste valuable storage space – Walls are ideal for extra cabinets, so use what space there is, and if the kitchen is customised, discuss this with the design team before anything is decided. If one happens to live in the Perth area, Kitchen Capital in WA can design and install the ideal kitchen, and for people who live elsewhere, an online search should reveal an established supplier in the immediate area.
  1. The right lighting is essential in any room, but even more so in the kitchen. There are three types of lighting, general, for illumination, task lighting, for preparing food and other activities, and finally accent lighting, which sets the ambience. Identify each area and make sure there is adequate illumination.
  1. Avoid DIY – Installing a kitchen is a specialised job, and with high costs, it makes sense to use a professional company. Kitchen Capital in WA can customise any kitchen to order, and at reasonable prices.
  1. Don’t go over budget – This can happen so easily, as one remembers things that weren’t on the list originally, so include everything at the outset.
  1. Choose the appliances first – The entire kitchen will be designed around the appliances, so make sure they are the first items selected.
  1. Poor ventilation means the room will always smell of last night’s cooking. A canopy and extractor are the ideal solutions, and with a range of styles, it is easy to pick something that fits in with the décor.
  1. Don’t forget bin space – Having a plastic bin in the corner might work out, but consider the unpleasant odours that might cause. Removable bins that fit into a sliding cabinet will ensure that the kitchen doesn’t look too cluttered.
  1. A kitchen island is ideal if space permits, but be careful, as it could obstruct that essential triangle.
  1. Don’t forget the backsplash – These are essential, as they protect the walls and work surfaces from the grease and spilled food that inevitably find their way into the kitchen. The choice of materials allows for design concepts to be fully realised, and it ensures the work surfaces are easy to clean.

It is all about planning and design, and for this reason, it pays to talk to the professionals who can help with every aspect of the new kitchen.