10 Questions You Should Ask A Contractor Before You Make Them Work For You

Building your dream house is not a simple task. It involves a lot of checkpoints that require careful address in order to ensure streamlined work flow and a happy life thereafter. One of the most common practices that people opt for is to hire a contractor.

But hiring a contractor based on their cosmetic value isn’t nearly enough. You need to know if that contractor is worth your investment and trust.

However, do not fret. Hiring an ideal contractor is not a herculean task. All you need to do is have a proper communication with your shortlisted contractors and ask them few basic questions that are listed below. These questions are general queries that will help you ascertain if the contractor is the right fit for your project.

  • Experience You should start shortlisting contractors based on their experience in the industry. Experience of a contractor determines how beneficial his services will be for your project.
  • License Before hiring a contractor, it is essential to make sure that the contractor has proper ID and License permit to operate in the region you are targeting. Every state or location might have different terms and conditions for operations that require proper documentation and licensing.
  • Project Familiarity Every project is different. It is important to understand the skillset and knowledge of the contractor in order to ensure that he/she will be able to deliver your requirements.
  • Permit Acquisition Acquiring the appropriate permit is a task of the contractor. You need to clear this out right at the beginning whether the contractor is providing you with the permits. If not, then you should quickly navigate out of the conversation and select another one.
  • References An experienced contractor will have valid references from his previous projects. He/she would not hesitate to share the same with you should you ask for it. If a contractor is playing dubious in this regard, then you can safely assume there is something fishy about his track record.
  • Who will supervise my project? The contractor will already have a crew in mind if it is a project that takes more than one person. If the contractor is not going to be there for the project, or even if they are away a lot, make sure you know the supervisor so you can communicate with them.
  • Construction Crew Report The contractor assigns jobs and responsibilities to the crew who will be working on your project. For the purpose of clarity and trustability, you can ask our contractor to provide necessary details regarding the workers operating on the project. He/She should be able to provide you with the same.
  • Timeline Timeline is important before commencement of ny project. It gives you an estimate as to when you can expect your project completion. You can ask your contractor to provide you with detailed timelines for each phase of the project and then decide whose timeline aligns with your need the most.
  • Insurance There are a lot of workers simultaneously assigned to your project. Each of these workers as well as the project has certain insurance terms that need to be met. A good contractor is always on  top of things and presents you with all these data should you ask for it. This part is crucial because it ensures that you will not be bothered with these issues during the course of your project or there after.